Fall news already! A surprise…

Honestly, I love the fact that the weather is starting to have more cooling trends, even when followed by a quick heat wave again. And, I’m not going to lie,  I’ve been eyeing some new pairs of leggings for the Fall. The Fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons, even though I enjoyed the end of the summer this month –  In fact, September has had many great events such as:

zoatsJeremy’s birthday on the 7th!

My brother Ryan’s birthday coming up on the 27th!

My first time trying “zoats” with berries <3 (Pictured left)

My first Biochemistry exam! Oh wait. Yes. ::insert sarcasm here::

Oh yeah! and I may have I announced my pregnancy to family and friends last week.

But for those who have missed it – I am now 15 weeks pregnant and excited for my growingultrasound family. <3

Jeremy and I are happy to announce that we are expecting a little one in Mid-March, 2016! I wish we had cute announcement photos, but I figure that a cliche ultrasound photo of the little one kicking about will work for now.

We went in for what we thought was a 12 week ultrasound two weeks ago to find out that (likely a she!) was measuring at 13 weeks, 1 day instead!
I am currently 15 weeks and 1 day, and enjoying the beginning of the second semester while continuing Biochemistry and Genetics (how appropriate!) classes in school.

I was quiet for the second half of the summer because, aside from morning sickness and related 1st trimester symptoms, I had hardly anything else on my mind besides the baby and school. It was difficult to keep quiet, but I wanted to wait to announce until I knew for sure everything was going smoothly with my pregnancy. I’m planning on updating more often as I continue my journey, and I plan to continue my active lifestyle as well!

So… Surprise! Now you know! I’m super glad to get the news out, and I can’t wait to share more details about my pregnancy so far in the upcoming weeks!