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Thank you for visiting my personal space on the internet! If you are looking for my illustration portfolio or just want to check it out, please visit!: illustrate HD

HollyandJeremyMy name is Holly Daniell – I am a 27 year old goofball, wife, artist, Biochemistry nerd, wildlife lover, craft beer enthusiast, soccer player, and workout addict (and more! in no particular order, of course!). Don’t be surprised if I post seemingly random sketches and doodles (likely of dolphins) in the midst of workouts and meals and tidbits about my life. It’s just how I flow.

I currently reside in my hometown city Atlanta and love my city, although I am considering a move to Florida soon to be near the ocean.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or check out my portfolio page if you get the chance!

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