16, 17 and 18 Week Updates!


For the 16 week shot, I tried to set up my own photo on the way out the door… Bye-bye to my legs and top of my head.. 17 and 18 weeks, Jeremy and I accidentally left the flash on and I didn’t release how much it can expand my bump haha. I tried to go over the shadow in Photoshop and lighten it a bit, so that may look odd in the 17 & 18 week photos. Also… 18 weeks was technically taken 2 days before my 19 week mark… We are now going to set an alarm to remind us on photo day, for consistency. I’m honestly starting to notice the bump now! She’s growing!

Weight Gained: Still not sure, but likely up between 8-10 lbs at this point!
Workouts: Similar to before, Feeling great second trimester, still, outside of some tiredness from terrible sleep affecting some of my fitness level (energy-wise). Attempted some short runs, but don’t love the heavy feeling on my bladder, so I still do cardio 2-3x week on the elliptical.
Maternity clothes? Same as before. Bought some new leggings, which have been comfortable with the cooler weather! <3 Fall!
Stretch marks?: Nothing new!
Sleep: still an issue… Waking up constantly to go to the bathroom, or I get uncomfortable on one side and have to flip over constantly because my shoulder starts to bother me.
Miss anything?: Sleeping on my back and stomach; Extra caffeine!
Movement: Yes! She has progressively wiggled and squirmed more often, especially after dinner at night. I’ve noticed in class a few times too, and it can get distracting… but I don’t mind her reminding me she is there!
Food cravings: Hmmm..  Still  roasted chicken wings from Taco Maco Mac, which I satisfied the craving during week 18 on a random week night with Jeremy. ;); double dark chocolate gelato (Talenti and Whole foods both have delicious ones),
Gender: It’s a girl!!!
Symptoms: Worst symptoms were during week 16… I had the worst constipation towards the end of the week and was in pain/tears. Finally tried one dose of milk of magnesia per doctor’s advice after daily use of stool softeners doing nothing. This mostly did the trick, and I’ve felt better since – maintaining Metamucil+softeners most days to fix this…. Sorry if TMI!
Happy or moody most of the time: Still happy most of the time, but I’ve had a few minor breakdowns due to school stress/exams/and lack of sleep.
Looking forward to: My 20 week appointment next Thursday!
Purchases: Mostly my mom doing the purchasing here, finding some cute baby clothes, toys, etc
Thoughts/Feelings/Random Musings: Jeremy and I are finally settling on a girls name… (To be announced some day soon)

Will work on the photo quality for next time!