Week in Workouts #1

My first week in workouts post, more for me to keep track of what  I do than anything else, but feel free to read through if you want to !

Sunday – Mile walk to gym followed by leg day. Warmup then front squats, 10×95, 10×105, 8×115, 5×135, 5×135, 4×145, 4×135, 10×95 and deadlift 5 reps every minute on the minnute at 135 for 5 minutes. Walk home. Yoga/stretching in evening.

Monday – Morning – 30 minutes cardio on lateral elliptical, moderate workload, no sprints. Afternoon – kicking soccer ball around Piedmont Park, followed by a walk in the pop-up rain showers.

Tuesday – Les Mills Grit Strength #08 followed by Energizing Morning Yoga video by SarahBethYoga.

Wednesday – 30 minutes cardio (early evening), Pre-bed yoga 30 minutes

Thursday – warmup row, then Deadlift 10×95, 10×135, 8×145, 6×165, 3×185 followed by bodyweight trx routine

Friday – 10 minute elliptical warmup followed by Bodypump

Saturday – 20 minutes lateral elliptical+sprints, then circuit with KB swings, dumbbell side lunges, goblet squats, and pull ups.
Walked 2 miles to and from gym.

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