Back from Hiatus.

I’m back! Between moving  (still in Atlanta), working, finishing classes + an internship this summer, and some exciting life changes coming up for Jeremy & I, I had to take a brief summer hiatus.

Don’t worry, I’ve kept up with my workouts 😉

I was craving pizza last night, so we decided to go out and watch the USA vs Jamaica Gold Cup game last night at Mellow Mushroom. We wanted to buy tickets because the game was downtown at the Georgia Dome! But saving money was more important this time. Unfortunately, we lost and I don’t think the goals from Jamaica were deserved. Regardless of the disappointment, we enjoyed our Kosmic Karma pizza & the walk home in a brief summer storm.

To wake up this morning (& work off pizza + beer 😉 ) I did a 20 minute lateral elliptical cardio session followed by 15 minutes of bodyweight intervals (mountain climbers, pushups, squats, burpees!) before finishing my last class final for the summer. Woohoo!

Sorry it’s been a brief update but I can’t wait to catch up with everyone later! <3