Move-It Monday Workout + Currently

Happy Monday! For me, it was another day of work and learning – but I still managed to get in a great workout! I had a break from work around 2:30 this afternoon and had to get a workout in to wake up my brain post-afternoon slump. Because the weather in Atlanta today (& yesterday) was much more pleasant than the 90+ degree temperatures, I had to get the following workout on outside.

Try this Swing & Thrust Kettlebell Workout after a proper warm-up (I rowed 1000 meters on an indoor rower + a quick body weight warm-up consisting of squats and pushups). For the single arm KB swings, it doesn’t matter which arm you start with – just switch after completing the reps in the round before continuing to 2-arm KB swings. For example, I did 5 right arm swings, 5 left arm swings, followed by 5 dumbbell thrusters with a 20 lb dumbbell in each hand. The next round, I repeated in the same order with 6 reps of each, etc. Use a weight that you are comfortable with for all movements.


Let me know if you try the workout!

Here’s a quick “Currently” survey before bed, with a focus on my current favorite find from my last Vitacost haul:

Currently Drinking: Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage, which contains a blend of chicory root, barley, rye, dandelion, and beet root extracts. I am in disbelief at how delicious Dandy Blend is, and it mixes instantly in hot and cold water! I see how it can be used as a “coffee alternative” – if you compare it to coffee, it’s a little bit milder tasting. I’ve been enjoying it as a drink with a dash of vanilla extract, sweetener, and milk (or coconut milk, cashew milk… You can even mix it into yogurt or recipes for a coffee-like flavor! I love that Dandelion has detox benefits for your liver and has even been shown to induce apoptosis in cancer cells (in vitro). You can read more about dandelion research here on  I got my 14.1 oz bag from Vitacost for around $17 but they have smaller 7 oz bags for around $10, too!062915dandyblend

Current Book: Re-reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, part of the Kingkiller Chronicles. Love this series so far, can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out…cover_277

Current Music: A lot of trance and techno lately, great for focusing when I study.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Some homemade banana muffins one of Jeremy’s personal training clients made us a few days ago. <3

Current Nail Color: bare, but I had some neat pink SNS nails a few weeks ago.061415_nails

Current Food: Daily guacamole from Moe’s, and a smoked salmon green curry dish we threw together for dinner tonight with Basmati Brown Rice.
Current Favorite Show: Last favorite series was The Vikings on the History Channel.
vikings (1)
Current Wish List: More Yogi Teas, and maybe a Fitbit.
Current Needs: a better sleep schedule?

Current Indulgence: GT’s Kombucha… It’s been on sale lately. Still pricey to get too many times a week.

Current Blessing: Seeing some great friends for dinner last night, enjoying the beautiful weather, and the extra opportunities at work for both Jeremy and I to get ahead of rent.

Current Outfit: Yoga pants from Target with a tanktop. Need to get some pajamas on before bed.

Current Excitement: Fourth of July with friends this weekend!

Hope your weekend was amazing!


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