Sunday – Father’s Day! + week in review+tea

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing dad, who has done more for me than I have ever deserved. I love you, dad! (photo from his birthday, also in the last month!)


Week in review: Got back in town late last Sunday from Erin’s beautiful wedding in North Carolina, and immediately jumped into buying a domain name and host for my websites! The process took a little longer than expected, but I am finally done (maybe need a few tweaks here and there). I also picked up an extra job and got caught up on summer classwork. But I’m excited for what I have in store for the blog. For now, a quick photo dump!

The bride and her father at the wedding in Cary, North Carolina last weekend <3 BEAUTIFUL!Erin_dad_062015_sm

It was 95 degrees last Saturday, so we were all thankful for a fairly quick ceremony followed by an incredible reception at the (mostly air-conditioned!) barn on site. The wedding was perfect, and because everyone was sweating, nobody judged. Jeremy was even allowed to get away with wearing shorts.

Erin's wedding backdrop

Erin’s wedding backdrop

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, we spent some quality time at Lake Lanier with my parents and their friends. Yay awkward tan lines! (unfortunately we look like streaky red lobsters today… oops!).


Did you know internal green tea is useful to prevent sunburn… and black tea baths are known to be helpful to sooth the damage after a sunburn?

Image credit here

Image credit to Green Tea Chronicle

Links I Loved from the last week & Beyond (+research I need to share!)

STUDY CONFIRMS: EXCESSIVE GREEN TEA CONSUMPTION (1-2L) MAY REDUCE YOUR THYROID FUNCTION (T3, T4) BY ALMOST 50% – – Be careful not to get too much of a good thing! I still love my green tea (and tea in general) but here is a reason not to chug all day, everyday! Moderation is key! Thanks, as always, to Adel Moussa for the well-executed write-up on the research.
‘I’VE NEVER THANKED MY PARENTS FOR ANYTHING’ – In America, saying thank you is routine. In India, it can be insulting. A great perspective on how easy it is to say “thank you” and lose the true meaning.
ARE YOU AN UNDER-EATER? 8 SIGNS YOU’RE NOT EATING ENOUGH – HTTP://CHRISKRESSER.COM/ARE-YOU-AN-UNDER-EATER-8-SIGNS-YOURE-NOT-EATING-ENOUGH/“Could an inadequate calorie intake be the root cause of your health problems? Find out how to recognize the signs of under-eating.” I get asked about diet and exercise all of the time when i’m working at the gym. here’s a Great start if you find yourself plateauing.

For comic relief : 

WHAT I’M LOVING LATELY {AIRPORT EDITION} – HTTP://CARROTSNCAKE.COM/2015/06/WHAT-IM-LOVING-LATELY-AIRPORT-EDITION.HTML– I love tina’s blog (carrots n cake), and her recent airport store finds are great – i totally want a siracha or beer baby bottle for myself, now! if you don’t follow already, you should follow this fit mom- especially for her adorable baby and pug photos!

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