[ Sunday Funday Favorites ]

Happy Sunday! Just finished up this post on my car ride between writing papers for school, so hopefully there aren’t too many car bump-instigated typos. ūüôā

This was going to be posted as a “Friday Faves” post, but I had a horrible internet connection during my trip to North Carolina. So I present to you my “faves”¬†from the past week.

My new Pyle Bluetooth headphones. Oh my gosh! I waited sooo long to get myself a pair of these and they make such a huge difference for my workouts! I put up with wired over-ear headphones for my cardio, but dangling wires+a spin bike was never a good idea.
These have been fantastic!!!! And they are waterproof, so no worries when I drip copious amounts of sweat everywhere.


GT’s Trilogy Kombucha & Biena Roasted Chickpea Snacks. My stomach felt a bit off this week and kombucha¬†makes a huge difference in my digestion! I’ve loved GT’s Kombucha blends¬†for years¬†–¬†always a special treat. The Trilogy is my favorite because it includes a combination of lemon, raspberry, and ginger.


Krush Bars¬†have been a favorite snack, as well!¬†I don’t regret ordering a sample box a couple weeks ago to try all of their flavors.¬†Great macros, not too sweet.¬†Fantastic flavors. Full review still to come.


My SNS Pink nails. Yeah, I’m no girly girl. I get uncomfortable have trouble sitting still for too long, so I reserve manicures/pedicures for special occasions. But I got my nails done for Erins wedding this weekend to match my dress. I ended up picking something called SNS Nails, a unique process the where the nails are dipped into layers of colored powder before sealing and adding a topcoat. It’s supposed to be less toxic. & So far, no chips and my nails feel super strong.


Hiking & Whole Foods when on vacation. Jeremy & I had several hours between waking up and Erin’s wedding to kill, so we decided to check out Hemlock Bluffs nature preserve for some outdoor walking/hiking in the 90 degree weather. The hike was followed by a trip to Whole Foods for some salad bar food and local beers. Perfect.


WEDDINGS!¬†While walking¬†towards Erin & Mark’s wedding ceremony, Jeremy & I could’t contain our excitement. 95 degree highs didn’t stop this wedding from being perfect. Photos and a recap later.


Paleo Girl one year anniversary¬†giveaway. Click the giveaway link for details. Enough said. ūüôā

Have an amazing rest of your Sunday!!!


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