Wednesday Quirks [#3], wedding anniversary soon!

Hump day! Hurray. But I’m getting my booty workout in tomorrow, so I guess I’ll celebrate a day late.


How I feel after too much watermelon! Source:

Just got finished grilling out and eating a delicious dinner of center cut pork chops, brussel sprouts, Kettle chips (Red Curry flavor), and oh-so-much watermelon. Jeremy has his pork chop grilling skills down to an art – I promise to get photos next time but completely devoured everything before I even thought about it. We were super hungry tonight. But what really got me was the watermelon. I grabbed a huge one for $3.99 at Fresh Market, along with the pork chops, and I think maybe I felt obligated to finish too much of it. haha. So now I’m sleepy with a watermelon belly.


Quirky/Weirdness Wednesday #3kiwi

  • I eat kiwis whole. Furry skin and all. According to the California Kiwifruit Commission, it’s completely safe to eat kiwi skin. unless you are allergic, of course. More fiber for me. šŸ™‚
  • I hate waking up & moving without Ā a kick in theĀ butt with caffeine. It getsĀ aĀ bitĀ pathetic but I guess it’s how I’m wired…
  • Even weirder… I sleep better when I have caffeine. I recently cut caffeine for a month and had the WORST insomnia!
  • I have a nervous habit of picking at my cuticles on my thumbs.
  • In middle school and maybe some of high school, I had friends who called me “Buns”…. Because I was obsessed with nice buns.
  • Ā I got married next to dolphins at Marineland in St. Augustine, Florida.Ā (Did I mention thatĀ I’m obsessed with dolphins and the ocean already?). Since our anniversary is coming up on the 15th, I figured I’d get this one in here. <3



Jeremy and I are still trying to figure out our 2 year anniversary plans, but I’m sure we’;; enjoy whatever we come up with. We’re usually pretty laid back about it. For now, my mind is on enjoying Erin’s wedding this weekend in North Carolina! I haven’t seen her in so long, but I’m super excited for her! Congrats to my blonde twin! <3


Hope you all had a good one! What did you do for your anniversary(ies)?!


PS:Ā Feel free to check out my latest Daily Draw on my portfolio site.




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